Presenting the leading IP camera manufacturers in Australia

With a smart home security system, you are able to know what’s going on. You can check on your kids, pets, or an exotic jewel collection. A home security camera is a great tool. You can observe on things from afar. Facilities vary from device to device. Security cameras allow you to monitor.  You can have live or recorded video. But all cameras are not built the same. Some have alarms or can send you messages. Others offer two way audio. Some are to monitor your baby. And some even double as full-on home automation hubs.

Today’s modern IP CCTV solutions are light years ahead. In the IP CCTV arena, Avigilon, Hikvision & Foscam are famous. They are popular. People use and recommend them. They are therefore interesting IP CCTV candidates for comparison.

Home Security Range Comparison

Avigilon focuses on high quality IP Cameras. Their product range encompasses all varieties of IP Camera. It includes HD Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Mini Domes, Domes, and PTZ Cameras.

Foscam & Hikvision have been the standout growth story of the past years. This includes the largest R&D team in the IP CCTV industry. Foscam is in the Access Control and Commercial alarm arenas.  It has aimed at complete integration of security components. The products of these two companies are the same as Avigilon.

Market positioning

Foscam was one of the most popular cameras with our customers last year. They make both indoor and outdoor cameras and offer a wide range of products. Their cameras are unique. They work with third party software and products. In fact, Foscam recommends the use of several third party apps. Foscam is compatible with third party video recording software.

Avigilon keeps a regulated list of accredited installers. Its core sales proposition is its installer network. Its cameras are more expensive. Installers will require less of them due to the high quality of the image.

Hikvision cameras are cheaper than Avigilon. It has an image quality close to Avigilon. Therefore the debate is when to use which product.


Hikvision camera uses a 1.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor. It provides a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels. The Foscam provides high quality image and video. It has the 1280 x 720 HD resolutions built-in here. The image quality is like 1080p rather than 720p. Avigilon CCTV cameras Offer a broad range of IP cameras from 1 MP to 29 MP. Its resolution is as high as 1920 x 1080. Avigilon has Brilliant image detail.


Foscam has 300° Pan 120° Tilt ability. Other two companies have fewer pans and tilt ability. But they all have 8X zoom. Hikvision camera comes with a fixed lens and you can select 2.8 mm, 4.0 mm, 6 mm and 12 mm lenses.  This camera has the 4 mm lens .It provides a wide view with some barrel distortion.

The View

Foscam has highest 70° view. On the other hand, Hikvision and Avigilon has greater angle to watch.


Installation Skill Level is medium for Foscam. But Hikvision and Avigilon is easy to setup.


Foscam costs $79.99 per unit. But Avigilon costs $ 120 per unit.  On the other hand Hikvision selling price is $295 for full setup. All prices are approximate. They may vary according to model and quality. Hikvision is low cost product.

Motion Detection

All cameras offer motion detection feature with alarm.  This will provide you with first-hand surveillance information.  You can know the situation in your property at any given time. These cameras can detect motion in defined arenas. Then you will get an email, snapshot, or some audio.  Your smart phone will receive them at once.

Night Vision

Foscam camera night vision is up to 20m/65 feet. But other two companies’ camera can have clear view at night only 25-35 feet.

Other Features

All the three companies have remote viewing and recording quality. All of them stream color live feed to the owner.  These companies have same the frame rate which is 30fps.  You can have these cameras wired or wireless. All companies are iOS compatible. They are compatible with android and windows as well. You can control all companies’ camera with your desktop. Even you can control them from your smart devices.

Without a doubt all companies offer wide range of quality products. This high quality has been the backbone of their remarkable recent success. The final decision lies in the customer’s satisfaction. The main factor is the installer of the solution. Achieving the best results at the optimum price is the main goal. When choosing an installer, you should always look for reviews. All products of the companies are good. But variation of price is a fact. All cameras are not for same purpose. You have to keep this in mind. You have to choose according to your need. Price, quality and service is the main focal point.